1. Do I have to mail in my answer sheet, and how long will it take to get certificate back?

NO. We provide you with a modern easy-to-use online testing system.  Your completion certificate will be available for download and printing immediately after successfully passing the online test.  The option for mail or fax processing of your test is available for an additional fee of $39.95.

2. Are the Radiology courses approved for my state?

Most courses are approved by the ASRT for ARRT credit. Most states accept courses that are approved by the ASRT for ARRT credit. We also submit some courses to Florida for credit approval. For specific state information, please see state licensing info page (the link is available on the radiology course catalog page.)

3. What are the Radiology testing policies?

The ARRT allows 3 attempts to pass course with a minimum score of 75% to pass. The test must be taken by the expiration listed in the course catalog (NOTE: most courses will not have an expiration date.)

4. What are the Healthcare Annual Training testing policies?

SelfDirectedCE.com allows unlimited attempts to pass a course with a minimum score of 70% to pass. The test must be taken within one year of registration.

5. Is there a limit on the number of Radiology CE credits I can earn through self directed study?

The ARRT does not place a limit on the number of CE credits you can earn through self study. Some states have varying requirements for the content and format of CE activities. Please see the state licensing info page for more information.

6. What date of completion will be on my certificate?

The date of completion for online tests will be the date the test is successfully passed. For fax and mail tests, the completion date will be within one business day of our receipt of the completed test.

7. How quickly do I receive my certificate of completion?

The certificate will be available immediately available in the testing center after successfully passing the test. FAX and mail tests will be graded within two business days, and returned  by the same method that we received the answer sheet.

9. How do I reprint a certificate?

Logon to the test center and find the link to printing your certificate. You can also send us a request to FAX, mail or email certificate copies. Please include your name, course name and approximate date in the request.

9. Does SelfDirectedCE.com report hours to the ARRT for me?

NO. You are responsible for reporting your hours to the ARRT. We do, however, report CE hours for Florida residents to Florida monthly.

10. Does the online test have to be completed in one sitting?

NO. The testing mechanism saves your answers after every question. The test won’t be submitted for grading until you submit it.

11. Can I take the same Radiology course more that once?

The ARRT does not allow you to take the same course more than once. ARRT rules state specifically: “This activity may be available in multiple formats or from different sponsors. ARRT does not allow CE activities such as internet courses, home study programs or directed readings to be repeated for CE credit in the same or any subsequent biennium.”

12. Is there a satisfacation guarantee?

YES. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please notify us within 14 calendar days of the order for a full refund, less the cost of the textbook and  shipping charges. Books may be sold back to Amazon.com. A refund will not be issued after a test has been taken, pass or fail.

13. Why choose SelfDirectedCE.com over the competition?

Our prices truly are lower than the competition’s pricing, and our testing mechanism is logical and straightforward. For those who have used other company’s testing mechanism, you know by experience how important it can be to have a test mechanism that makes sense (versus having a frustrating experience with poorly functioning testing methods).