Testing Instructions

Radiology tests-  The ARRT allows up to 3 attempts at passing test with a minimum score of 75%. Ecourses, such as HIV/AIDS 101 and HIV Florida 4 Hr, are available with online testing only.

Annual Training tests-  The trainee has an unlimited number of attempts to pass the test with a minimum score of 70% within one year of registering for the training.

Tests can be saved at any point and resumed at a later time.  Look for the “save and resume later” link underneath the test progress meter.  The link for submitting the test for grading will appear on the last page of the test.

Returning Customers Checkout Process

1. Login to your account from the www.SelfDirectedCE.com home page

2. Go to the course catalog

3. Add the courses that you want to take to your shopping cart

4. Enter your credit card information, name, account email and password into the spaces provided on the course checkout page

5. Make purchase

Facility Manager Instructions

Single user:

1. Make purchase.

2. Facility Manager page- 

          a) enter email address (optional). **

          b) create username and password.

          c) enter first and last name.

          ** Email function will email login and password info to entered address.

3. Logout of facility management.

4. Login at homepage with newly created login and password to access test center.

5. Select desired course from pull down menu.  Proceed with courses and testing.

Multi-Trainee Facility Manager:

1. Make purchase for number of trainings desired.

2. Facility Manager page- enter information for each trainee**

          a) enter email address (optional). Email function will email login and password info to entered address.

          b) create username. We suggest “firstname.lastname”.

          c) create password. We suggest “facilityname.1″.  Passwords can be the same for all trainees.

          d) enter trainee first and last name.

          e) print login information for your records

** We would be a  happy to setup this part for you.  Just email us your trainee name’s list (emails too if desired) and login info to email@SelfDirectedCE.com and we will take care of the rest.

3. Distribute login and password information to trainees.

4. Trainees login and select assigned courses from pull down menu.

5. Trainees have one year from purchase to login and complete courses.